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I’m an Individual

Your career doesn’t come with a roadmap.

You’re in charge of steering your life and navigating the bumps along the way. When you know your strengths, understand your motivations and have clear goals, you have what you need to initiate change. Let’s work together to figure how to pursue your goals; I’m here to encourage you and support your development. I’ll help you gain the confidence to take on challenges and work for what you really want.

Together we can work on:

Strengths Assessment

Do you have the chance to do what you do best everyday? Sometimes we focus so much on our shortcomings, we forget to discover and develop our strengths.

Professional Development Planning

An in-depth look at your goals, both business and personal, the strategies you’ll use and how you’ll hold yourself accountable. It’s basically a road map for your future. You’ll walk away with a clear purpose, focused intentions and excitement about new possibilities.


Whether a bigger role, a new department, a different company, transitions can be tricky. Coaching support for sorting priorities and navigating the various obstacles can ensure the change happens smoothly.

Finding Purpose

Take some time to slow down, reflect and identify meaning for yourself; find your source of passion and energy to sustain your vision for happiness.

What my clients are saying

“Janice is an excellent listener, understands the nuances of accountability, and challenged me to look at myself while helping identify and leverage my core strengths.” -Lubke, Project Manager