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I’m in HR

Building the right culture is about more than smiling faces.

HR professionals are instrumental in creating cultures of performance and engagement. It takes good planning and strong systems to ensure people develop and apply their skills in ways that work for the business. Whether building an organizational structure from the ground up or creating a culture where teams excel, I can bring focus to your biggest workplace challenges and guide you in pursuit of improved outcomes.

Together we can work on:

People development

Focus on the skills, talents and energy your people have to offer. Build feedback cycles that focus on strengths and aspirations. Put the performance reviews, the rating systems and the demotivating experiences that go with them out to pasture. It’s time to engage people as partners in their development and in the achievement of business goals. Put a coaching culture at the centre of your people development strategy.

Team development

Focus on team synergy – getting a greater result than the sum of the individuals. What’s your business philosophy around team formation, team performance, team learning and team building? Set out a structure and provide periodic workshops and forums to ensure yours is a learning environment where teams thrive on being stronger and more resilient through each business cycle.

Leadership assessments

Let’s sort out the leadership competencies that are critical to your strategy and your business success. What distinguishes a leader in your industry and are the best ones found in your organization? And with the benefit of assessment information, guide your leaders to opportunities to stretch and build their strengths deeper and more broadly.

Succession planning

Who’s in line to mind the shop when holidays approach? And what’s the plan to handle business growth? Do you demand more from your best people or grow your talent?

Organizational design

Organizing people around the work deliverables can take a moment. What is impacting organizational effectiveness? Is decision-making becoming cumbersome and are silos developing as the business grows? Be thoughtful about the design of roles, teams, and reporting relationships. Ensure your structure supports business strategy, people development and employee engagement objectives.


What my clients are saying

“With Janice’s guidance we successfully developed and launched a professional development program that is an exciting foundation for improved employee communication and engagement.” -Marcus, COO