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The Birkman Method


For more than 60 years the Birkman Method has been helping people to understand themselves and create better relationships, better careers and better lives.

The unique personality assessment helps uncover our individual strengths and can shine a light on our needs and what happens when they don’t get met.

Change starts with self-awareness; whether you’re looking to develop yourself or develop your team, the Birkman Assessment can help you improve leadership capability, increase teamwork and develop career paths. Armed with this information I believe you can build on your strengths and feel empowered as you move forward in your life and career. As a certified consultant I can help you take the test and make meaning of the results; you’ll have a better idea of what makes you tick and together we’ll use this new information to make sure you get the most out of coaching and take the next step towards meeting your goals.

Principles of the Birkman

The Birkman Assessment is a non-judgemental personality profile that is designed to help you build on your strengths and promote continuous learning. The results from The Birkman Method create a foundation for understanding yourself and managing relationships. The results help people make more informed life and career choices leading to more success and satisfaction.

The Birkman Method is made up of 4 construct domains that focus on:

Usual Behaviour

Effective behavioral style for dealing with tasks and relationships.

Underlying Needs

Perceptions of how relationships, social situations, and tasks are governed regardless of perceived social correctness.

Stress Behaviour

Ineffective behavioral style for dealing with tasks and relationships.


Preferences for work and recreational activities.

The combined results of these four main pillars help to make meaning of who we are and how we think.  Want to know more? Contact me to get started.